Sandy Beach Resort on Gull lake
Visit with us and make memories that last a lifetime.

Q: Why do my Visitors have to register at the office?A: We are required to have a register of all people on the resort. Fees may apply if the number of visitors exceeds the capacity of the cabin. Currently the fee is $5 if they are not staying the night.
Q: Do you allow Pets?
A: No. We can recommend a local Kennel if you want, but we do not allow guests pets on site.
Q: Is there a store on the Resort?
A: Yes. We have a small Convenience Store in the Office, stocked with some of the things you may forget to pick up, Milk, Bread canned goods etc.
Q: what are the Office hours?
A: Office hours are 8am - 5pm during our Nightly seasons, 8am - 8pm during our Weekly seasons.
Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: Give us a call at 218-963-4458 or Email us at sandybea@integra,net and we would be happy to help you schedule a vacation.
Q: How much is a Deposit?
A: Deposits depend on the Cabin you are reserving. 1 & 2 bedroom Cabins are $600, 3 & 4 bedroom Cabins are $800 for weekly rentals. Nightly rentals require 1 nights rent for a Deposit. ( 1 bedroom weekly deposits may be lower depending on the weekly rate of the Cabin)
Q: Why do you require a Deposit?
A: A deposit is required to guarantee to us that you will arrive for your reservation. Deposit is required to guarantee that you get the cabin you reserve for the week you schedule.
Q: What if I cancel my reservation?
A: Reservations canceled 90 days or more Prior the reservation date will be refunded less a $100 cancelation fee. Reservations canceled less than 90 days Prior to the reservation will be refunded ONLY IF, the cabin is rerented for the duration of the cancelation at the normal rate. $100 cancelation fee still applies.
Q: Why do you charge a Cancelation fee?
A: Cancelation fees are charged because the cabin has been unavailable to other interests during the hold period.
Q: what time is Check-in / Check-Out?
A: Check-in is 3:30pm during our Weekly season, earlier check-ins may be available during out Nightly seasons. Check-out is 9:00 am, during our Nightly season late Check-outs may be possible, check with the office ahead of time.
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: We do not provide Soaps, Towels, Personal hygiene products. We do supply Bedding, Trash bags, Toilet tissue, and a Basic Pots-Pans, Dishes, Silverware, and Cooking utensils. Packing your favorite Fry pan or Cookware might be suggested.